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Frustrated People Are Revealing The Horribly Overpriced Items They No Longer Want To Pay For Since They Used To Cost Way Less

"It is so stupidly expensive to buy this right now. Even if I just need a small list, specifically for the dinner I’m making that evening, it’s always $50–$75. I feel like in the past two years, this has skyrocketed."

Since everything feels wildly overpriced lately, Reddit user u/just_some_troglodyte asked: "What is horribly overpriced?" and a lot of people had thoughts on the matter. Here's what they had to say below:

1. "I swear that it would be cheaper to melt some platinum and pour it into a printer cartridge than to buy some regular printer ink."

a person changing the printer ink

2. "Funerals."


"Mortician here. Go to a privately owned family mortuary. They actually give a shit most of the time about what families want and are generally more flexible than corporate mortuaries. Private mortuaries rely on returning families so they have to do a good job to survive. 

NEVER go to an SCI location. I worked for that company for two years too long, and it's astounding how little they cared about people. They had NO issue nickel and diming everyone while doing the bare minimum if that. They regularly buried people without their belongings and never told the families. They had numerous occasions where the body was not ready for a funeral, bodies were used as doorstops, people were put in the wrong urns, etc. They do not care about you and are no better than car salespeople. Family-run mortuaries do what they do because they care."


3. "Groceries."

food in grocery bags

4. "Insulin."


"In America..."


5. "Airport food."

a person opening up a sandwich

6. "The housing market."


7. "Airbnbs are through the roof. I used to get great deals for under $100 for nice places. Now, it's impossible to find something decent under $200."

people hanging out at an airbnb

8. "US healthcare."


"Yes! Even with insurance, I have a bill for my child’s birth at around $30,000. My OB didn’t even pick up the phone when I went into labor. Nor did her backup. I had to get an emergency C-section, so I was charged accordingly."


9. "Anything for weddings. If you say 'wedding' to any vendor or business, the prices go way up. It's ridiculous."

a wedding altar

10. "Subscription plans."


"Five dollars per month doesn't sound so bad, until there are 10 of those you have to use, and every one of them has an 'ultra-premium' tier for 10 dollars that has all of the feature things you actually care about."


11. "Legos."

a pile of legos

12. "A bean burrito plus sour cream — it now costs $3.38. I’m good, Taco Bell. Those were, like, $.79."


"Taco Bell has really gone up. I swear my old order used to run around $10, now it’s $20."


13. "Concert tickets."

someone holding up a concert ticket from their phone

14. "Just saw Oppenheimer at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday. $43 with popcorn and soda."


"This is why I don’t go to the movies. And I have four kids. My three girls want to see the Barbie movie, but I know it would cost a month’s worth of rent to take them all."


15. "Women's self-care/cosmetic products. It's the same exact stuff as men's just with a different smell, but it costs SO much more. Don't believe me, read the ingredients."

a woman bathing herself

16. "Existing as a single adult."


"Fucking 100%. Where I live, if I would’ve had a partner with a median salary, we could spend almost half as much per person on housing and get a nicer apartment! Combine that with everything costing less when you buy in bulk, and bachelor life starts to look not too appealing."


17. "I think the real question is what isn’t horribly overpriced nowadays."

a single hotdog with toppings

Is there a particular thing that you believe is incredibly overpriced? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below.