I Can't Stop Thinking About All The Merch Tied To The "Barbie" Movie, Like Someone Give Their Marketing Team A Raise

    Barbie collaborated with everyone. And Ken is just Ken.

    Even if you've been living under an Oppenheimer rock, your social media feeds and "Real World" life have most likely been Barb-barded by the Barbie movie marketing team to promote one of the most-anticipated films of the summer.

    Barbie singing in her car in "barbie" movie

    So before we head to Barbie Land on July 21, we wanted to provide a full list (inspired by this thread) of all the product collaborations and marketing materials the Barbie team has been pumping out so far. (And yes...Ken will be included in this list, too.)

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    So, come on, Barbie, let's go... talk about every single merch and product collab (ah, ah, ah, yeah).

    1. First up, you're probably already familiar with the Selfie Generator that was promoted earlier this year, because everyone and anyone posted it on their social media feeds.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    2. And let's not forget the promotional movie posters that featured the entire cast. (See the full cast here.)

    Simu Liu in the Barbie movie poster

    3. Next up is the Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate x Barbie collab inspired by the movie.

    barbie impala inline skates

    4. Since summer is here, the Funboy x Barbie should absolutely be on your radar to up your pool game.

    5. However, if you prefer to stay indoors, you can try and win this Xbox Barbie-inspired console, which comes with its own Barbie Dreamhouse.

    Xbox barbie set

    6. And speaking of video games, Barbie collaborated with Forza Horizon 5 to have Ken's Hummer and Barbie's classic convertible in the game.

    Forza Horizon 5 Barbie and Ken cars

    7. And if you want your own house to feel like Barbie's Dreamhouse, you can get all the rugs from the Ruggable x Barbie collaboration.

    ruggable barbie rug

    8. But if you plan on going on vacation soon, you should try to win a stay at the ACTUAL Barbie Dreamhouse.

    9. And when you go, make sure you bring the right clothing and accessories. I suggest checking out the Barbie the Movie x Aqua collab.

    10. And don't forget jewelry!! You can't go wrong with this Alex and Ani x Barbie collection.

    11. Why not add pink to your hair to make the whole look? This Hally x Barbie set comes with tinsel clips, and you can choose from either a signature pink, blue, or purple shade stix.

    Hally barbie hair kit

    12. And let's not forget Barbie's signature pink pump (you know the one I'm talking about). Aldo x Barbie teamed up to give you Barbie's whole shoe and accessory collection.

    Aldo Barbie shoe

    13. Also, can we talk about this adorable kid's Barbie sweater from PatPat? Hi, I would like one in an adult size, please, and thank you.

    Barbie kid sweater

    14. My jaw nearly dropped when I saw what the Barbie team did to this hotel floor during their press junket. I mean, I would book a room in a Barbie hotel ASAP.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    15. If you're tired of your boring lunchbox, Alamo Drafthouse teamed up with the Barbie movie team to give you a Limited Edition Lunchbox and Thermos Set. Alamo will also be hosting "sleepover"-themed late-night screenings to up the nostalgia factor.

    alamo x barbie lunch box collab

    16. But before you see the movie, make sure you snag a picture at one of the lifesize Barbie boxes that have been placed in a number of movie theatres.

    Twitter: @MarkRonson

    17. And if you can't wait for the movie to come out, bring Barbie's world into your home with this candle collab with Homesick. Not only is the name perfect, but the candle has notes of sweet peony, rose bush, lemon zest, pink jasmine, and sandalwood.

    Barbie dreamhouse homesick candle

    18. Or if you plan to head to the beach, this Forever 21 x Barbie collab needs to be on your radar.

    19. Of course, the Barbie marketing team worked with Progressive about house and car insurance, because Barbie is a responsible adult.

    the progressive team in front of barbie's house

    20. If you want to get behind the wheel, though, Barbie and Hot Wheels have you covered with Barbie's Corvette.

    Barbie hotwheels car

    21. Since we know Barbie through the decades, it makes sense she would have a '90s-themed makeup collab with NYX. I mean just look at that flip phone mirror!

    22. Oh, do you want another Real World Barbie Dreamhouse? Look no further than this HGTV home challenge.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    23. Barbie always has her nails done, so why not match this with "Hi, Barbie!" color from OPI x Barbie?

    barbie OPI nail polish

    24. Looking to up your glassware game? Barbie wants you to have the best party ever with this Dragon Glassware collab.

    dragon glassware barbie collection

    25. And when you host, make sure you rock this puffy-sleeved jacket from Gap. (And yes, there's even a Ken shirt included in the collection.)

    A model standing with their back to the camera while wearing the barbie gap jacket and holding the bag

    26. And why not get a sweater from Canada Pooch for your dog to match? Oh, and they also have a bucket hat for your pup, too, just sayin'..."

    Dog with barbie sweater on

    27. And when your pooch is all dressed up in pink, you should explore one of the MANY pop-ups that have been created across the country. Check out New York's Malibu Barbie Cafe here.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    28. If you get hot during your travels, opt for a pink lemonade from Barbie x Swoon.

    A can of the Swoon barbie drink surrounded by a pair of pink sunglasses, a sequined Barbie back and a compact mirror

    29. And if you need a break to sit and relax, make sure to find one of these Barbie bus benches. Yes, you'll be leaning on Ken, but trust me, he won't mind.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    30. Speaking of relaxing, take a moment for yourself with some yoga. Just make sure to wear your Barbie workout outfit from Show Me Your Mumu.

    Two people wearing the Show Me Your MuMu outfit doing yoga outside on pink yoga mats

    31. And when you're done working out and showering, you can do your hair by using the Chi x Barbie haircare tools.

    The Chi barbie set including a blowdryer, flatiron, and a carrier bag

    32. Just make sure to detangle your hair first by using this Tangle Teezer x Barbie hairbrush that looks like an actual Barbie brush from the toys!

    barbie tangle teezer brush

    33. Then when you're done styling your hair, dress things up with these Barbie x Kitsch fashionable hair accessories.

    Kitsch barbie hair collab

    34. Of course, Barbie thinks hygiene is important, so get your hands on a bright pink toothbrush from Moon.

    barbie moon electric toothbrush

    35. And if you want to see what Barbie has inside her Barbie Land house, Architectural Digest did a full house tour of Barbie's Dreamhouse.

    Margo Robbie opening the barbie dollhouse doors

    36. And when you're done watching the Architectural Digest video, make sure to watch the Barbie-themed episode of Summer Baking Championship.

    Twitter: @MosheIsaacian

    37. Make sure you get cozy at home while watching with this cozy Barbie x Barefoot Dreams Blanket. There are also Barbie Pajamas to choose from.

    Barbie comfy blanket

    38. And while you're at it, light a Glasshouse Fragrances x Barbie candle that smells like brown sugar, strawberry leaves, and plastic doll accord.

    Barbie candle with glasshouse

    39. And because even Barbie is guilty of scrolling on her phone while watching her favorite TV shows, just make sure you're rocking a Barbie phone case from Sonix.

    Barbie phone case

    40. And why not top things off with a little self-care by using this Barbie x Truly Barbie Butter? Made with acai, matcha, and rosewater, your legs will feel as smooth as plastic.

    Barbie truly body butter

    41. And since you prepped your legs, you're all set for a fun beach/pool day. That's where this vintage Barbie replica swimsuit from Unique Vintage will come in handy.

    model wearing barbie swimsuit

    42. And because a swimsuit by itself just won't cut it, add a headband from the Lele Sadoughi x Barbie collab.

    Model wearing barbie headband

    43. And make sure you have shoes you'll feel comfortable walking in once you start heading home. This Superga x Barbie shoe collection seems perfect.

    superga barbie movie platform sneakers

    44. And if it gets chilly for the younger ones in your life, have them rock this Barbie x Goldie Ace jacket. Oh, and there are matching track pants, of course.

    Goldie Ace Barbie Jacket

    45. But if they prefer to play indoors with their Barbies, opt for the Posh Peanut x Barbie collab, which includes long-sleeve pajamas and this adorable backpack (which is a must-buy for back-to-school)!

    girl with barbie backpack on

    46. And when it is time for school, I recommend buying these Barbie Crocs from Famous Footwear, so the little ones can rock their own Barbie shoes. (Don't worry, there are adult versions, too.)

    barbie crocs

    47. If you don't have little ones and are actually in the market for a new Barbie or Ken, Bumble and Barbie have teamed up to help share words of encouragement and advice on making the first move.

    Screenshots of barbie and ken giving advice on bumble

    48. And when you match with a Ken or a Barbie on the app, you can find your next outfit from Zara that involves a collection of items that are inspired by the movie.

    Zara barbie jacket

    49. But if you don't know what to wear for your second (or third date), Rue21 has you covered with this 29-piece collection with Barbie x Hot Wheels (you know, if you're looking for a bit of edge with your next outfit).

    a person wearing a barbie trucker hat

    50. However, if you'd rather stay at home and eat some yummy foods rather than swipe on an app, amp up your culinary skills with this Zia Pia x Barbie pasta collection. The packaging honestly looks too good to tear apart. (And yes, it comes with a chef Barbie.)

    zia pia pasta barbie collection

    51. Do you prefer eating a bowl of pasta on the couch? This Joybird x Barbie collaboration with eight limited-edition Joybird furniture frames will be right up your alley.

    Joybird x barbie collection

    52. And don't forget to wear a new pair of Barbie pajamas to complete the at-home look. Why not give the Karen Mabon x Barbie collection a shot

    karen mabon x barbie pajamas

    53. Oh, do you happen to need a new bag for summer outings? Fossil has you covered not only with this crossbody bag but with some jewelry options as well.

    fossil x barbie crossbody bag

    54. Why not match that bag with a fun jacket, like this '80s-inspired moto jacket from Cotton On?

    Cotton On x Barbie jacket

    55. And add a pair of cargo joggers from Boohoo that Barbie would 100% approve of.

    boohoo barbie joggers

    56. Also, have we mentioned there's a Barbie x MeUndies collab? This denim-like collection celebrates buns in the sun (see what we did there?) with summer-like images. However, this scrunchie is bringing me back to the '90s.

    meundies x barbie underwear

    57. And if you're in the mood for something pink and fruity, this strawberry and dragon fruit-flavored frozen yogurt topped with Dream Sprinkles from Pink Berry will cool you off this summer.

    58. But if you're looking for another flavor (or just want to try all the Barbie dessert collaborations), make sure to visit Cold Stone Creamery for their All That Glitters Is Pink ice cream, which is a pink cotton candy flavor mixed with graham cracker pie crust, dance-party sprinkles, and whipped topping.

    59. And finally, this Pacsun comfy hoodie and sweatpant set is a must if you want the Barbie logo without the bright pink aesthetic.

    Barbie pacsun sweater

    Do you have a favorite from the Barbie collabs? If so, tell us in the comments below.