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21 Things Every Indian Questions When They Travel To Australia

Down Under can be quite confusing for Indians when they first arrive.

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5. School is actually too much fun.

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In Australia, pre-school is mostly about playing. In India, kids learn how to write, add, subtract, and even learn a second language by the time they are four!

6. Coriander is as expensive as milk.

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In India the vegetable vendor will hand over a bunch of coriander free. In Australia, it costs of a bomb to buy this bunch of leaves. Making Indian food taste Indian is an expensive proposition in Australia.


12. Recruiters have an obsession with local experience.

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When Indians first arrive in Australia, they are told it is difficult to get jobs because recruiters need "local experience" to hire them. Huh?!


19. Fireworks end before they start.

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Indian fireworks last for at least 10 hours, especially during Diwali. Australian fireworks last for no more than 10 minutes. Guess how Indians feel about this.

21. And what's with the Namaste?

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Sometimes Australians will want to sound cool and say Namaste to whoever looks like an Indian. Uhh, back home, most urban Indians say "hi".

And traditionally, Gujaratis say Kem Chho, Tamilians say Vannakam, Kannadigas say Heggidira... India is too complicated.