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20 Steps To Your Home Workout

You don't want to spend money at the gym, so you convince yourself that you can workout at home.

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1. Ok, I can do this by myself!

2. I'll start with stretching.

3. Time to do some lunges.

4. This is harder than I thought.

5. Maybe I'll dance.

6. Or not.

7. I'll look for some workout dvd.

8. Looks easy!

9. How the hell is she doing that??

10. I think I'm going to try lifting some weights. But I don't have any.

11. Improvise, yeah!

12. I'm hungry.

13. FOCUS!

14. Maybe some xbox kinect playing.

15. I definitely pulled something.

16. Fuck this shit!

17. I'm tired.

18. I can embrace my laziness

19. I love me just the way I am.

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