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That Couple Whose Viral Engagement Video Reenacted Their Entire Relationship Is At It Again

Their first dance is sure to give you all the feels.

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Remember these two?

April and Beecher stole our hearts last year when their adorable engagement video went viral.

The video reenacts the couple's relationship from the moment they met to their first date, eventually leading to Beecher popping the question. Here's the full video in case you missed all the cuteness:

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Now April and Beecher are dancing again, this time in a video of the couple's first dance as husband and wife.

But don't let this moment fool you: this is no ordinary first dance.

From the stanky leg... square dancing.

Pretty much every genre of dance was covered.

Slo-mo dance: check.

They even had the entire wedding party join in on the fun with a hilarious tribute to "What Does the Fox Say?"

Nothing says happily ever after like you and all your friends doing a choreographed dance number in animal masks!

Check out the full dance here:

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