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    19 Things Kids With Divorced Parents Know To Be True

    Spoiler alert: It's going to be OK.

    1. You don't get what's going on at first.

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    Even though they try to explain.

    2. Their fights rarely stop.

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    They're just about different subjects now.

    3. It may not hurt so much at first.

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    But it will hurt. Badly.

    4. You may get a bunch of "compensation" presents.

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    And they will be helpful at first.

    5. Sometimes you will can't help but feel like you have to choose sides.

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    6. They will take it out on you sometimes.

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    But you'll learn to forgive them.

    7. And you will take it out on them too.

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    Even when you repeatedly hear "it's no ones fault."

    8. You will seek for shelter in your friends.

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    9. Or just deal with it on your own.

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    Just remember you're not alone.

    10. You've experienced watching your mom or dad cry.

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    And there's nothing worse than that.

    11. If one of your parents gets married again it will suck.

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    Most times that's the way it is.

    12. At some point you will want them back together.

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    And that could be the worst idea ever.

    13. You may feel like you were not good enough for them to stay together.

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    But that is not true.

    14. Sometimes you will not understand why love couldn't prevail.

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    15. You will be afraid of getting married because of them.

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    16. You may blame one of them more than the other.

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    And perhaps you are being selfish but you can't see it yet.

    17. But you will understand their reasons for separating when you grow up.

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    You will.

    18. You will get over it, and it will no longer pain you.

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    And it's great when you get to do it for real.

    19. At the end of the day you love your parents. And they deserve to be happy too.

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