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    15 Secrets Motel Workers Won't Tell You

    You'll never look at steak the same way again.

    1. "Yes, we slip on your used condoms."

    "What we find most frequently in the rooms are used condoms. It seems that they're left wherever they fall. I've even slipped on one that was left on the floor."

    2. "We have to throw out all the penis-shaped things that you use and leave behind."

    "We've found used cucumbers, carrots, bananas... It's very strange to us why anyone would decide to use a cucumber over anything else."

    3. "But people also leave behind handcuffs, costumes, and other toys."

    4. "We could start a dildo cemetery."

    "People leave a lot of dildos behind, testicles and all. Some are battery-operated, others are plastic, and there are others that are pretty out-there. We throw them all away."

    5. "We put plastic protectors on the mattresses to keep them clean.

    "All the sheets are immediately sent to the cleaners. We have special machines so that no one has to touch anything and the sheets come back completely clean."

    6. "Sometimes women stay while they're menstruating. I can't imagine what they're up to, but they occasionally end up dirtying the walls, doors, and mirrors."

    7. "I have no idea how they even did it, but one time someone left a butt mark with menstrual blood on the headboard."

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    "We're here to clean up after you, but sometimes this is what we have to deal with."

    8. "Sometimes single men stay in a room and leave behind used steaks."

    9. "And single women bring dildos and watch porn on TV."

    "Yes, we hear a lot of weird sounds coming out of the rooms with single women in them, but most often it's just porn on the TV."

    10. "There are some couples who are silent and others who make a lot of noise."


    "People definitely come to motels to do things that they can't do in their own homes. You can often hear them from outside their rooms, but we've all stopped paying attention. When the hotel is totally booked up it's a little more scandalous, but it's a pretty normal part of our lives."

    11. "Sometimes masochists come in and you can hear slaps and spanks coming from their rooms. It's hard to tell what exactly is getting slapped."

    12. "Sometimes they even bring along their own candles. I won't speculate what they do with them, but there's often little pools of wax in the bed and pieces of candle here and there."


    13. "Working in a motel gives you a steel stomach. Nothing seems weird anymore."

    "One time, someone left a big steel box behind the curtains in their room. I didn't want to get near it because I didn't know if it was going to have a dead body in it or what. I put on some gloves and investigated but it was just an empty box. Just heavy steel with nothing inside. Nobody came to claim it and I still have no idea how or why they brought it."

    14. "We don't have many regular guests anymore. Just guests that stop in for one night every now and then."

    "We've had a lot of regular guests and couples in the past, but we've lost a lot of regular business. Not sure if it's because they broke up with their partners or what."

    15. "We see a lot more gay couples come in for the evening than straight couples these days."

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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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