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    19 Really Stupid Products "For Women"

    It's all our fault.

    1. Beer is for men, but this is for you, girl.

    2. Pens just for women, so you can write delicately and in pastel colors.

    3. Sorry, men. Looks like you're going to have to stick to whole wheat.

    4. We women get more benefits than ever!

    5. Give this to a man and watch him turn into a cloud of bubbles.

    6. Finally, you can smoke like a lady.

    7. Pink razors, because the blue ones cost $20 less.!/tienda/superama/producto/5698fe7a7beb5961064db0c2

    8. Plugs for delicate, feminine ears.

    9. You're not a woman until you play golf like one.

    10. A pink camo blade for those times when you want to blend in AND stand out.

    11. Don't get confused! You don't want to accidentally wear clothes for men!

    12. Here you go, Princess, I bought you the Barbie Edition Beetle.

    13. Cheddar goldfish are for boys. Girls get princess-flavored ones.

    14. Because we women listen with our tiny, tiny ears.

    15. Regular batteries just won't do for you, lady. You need "fashion batteries."

    16. Because now, drilling is a girl thang.

    17. Everyone needs progesterone in their toothpaste.

    18. Fire in hand for the empowered woman.

    19. And of course, Honda She-cars for driving like a lady.

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