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    This Hello Kitty Rap Song Is The Most Badass Video You Will Ever Watch

    Watch this hardcore Hello Kitty crap on dogs and LOL Cats in this Eminem 'Rap God' cover.

    Hello Kitty's 'Cat God' Cover Will Turn You Into A Believer

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    Via Jezebel

    Taiwanese Animators finally introduce the world to a side of Hello Kitty you never knew.

    Hello Kitty has a revelation: she's beginning to feel like a Cat God

    She's got that androgynous thing going on

    You say she looks like a marshmallow? Well, Badass Hello Kitty has a solution for you:

    Hello Kitty rolled with Obama before it was cool

    Hello Kitty is a straight-up thug

    She's got beef with a lot of other cats, too

    While laughing in the face of inferior cats looking for their 15 minutes of fame

    So bow down to this Kitty-cat before it's too late

    Because everyone is welcome to the Church of Kitty

    Some of her teachings are a bit unconventional

    But in the end, Cat God teaches you about life