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Behind The Scenes At Regal Con

If you're a fan of Once Upon a Time, you might have heard some news of Regal Con that happened this weekend in Anaheim. Here's some things that happened during the Saturday portion of the con.

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The Celebs Were SOOOO Chill

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer in the photo sessions that included all of the celebrities besides Lana (who popped in anyways to take a few photos with the photographer). Everyone came in from Michael Coleman, Lee Orenburg, Faustino Di Baunda, Eion Bailey, David Anders, Sean Maguire, and Gil McKinney to the ladies of the con Emilie De Ravin, Beverly Elliott, and Rebecca Mader. They were all very sweet making inside jokes to each other and just generally having a good time. Before a photo with a fan, Rebecca made sure to push up her breasts while Sean proceeded to mock her by doing it as well. The fan made sure to copy the both of them and Sean asked, "Is this a boob pushing up contest?" while the entire room laughed. Rebecca seemed to have the best time posing with fans and making them laugh when they looked nervous. When it was time for Emilie, Rebecca, and Beverly's shoot together it was quite difficult to get them to stop laughing and pose for photos as they were having too much fun hanging out together. While Sean made sure to hug every single fan who came through the shoot. David made jokes to almost every fan and Eion made sure to have deep conversations with every fan he could. Throughout the con, the celebs just casually walked around the hotel lobby without being mobbed or hearing screams, it was all very relaxed and intimate.

Party Time with Lana at The Queen's Reception

After photo ops and the autograph sessions, the real fun began with the Queen's Reception which was a private cocktail party with Lana and some fans. The party was quite slow as it was early and it only lasted half an hour long, but Lana was kind enough to spend time with fans as long as there were no photographs taken in the reception at all. She talked with multiple fans and made a big thank you speech before leaving, ending the party with "I love all you Evil Regals!"

VIP Dinner Banquet

The VIP Dinner Banquet was a very intimate dinner with a celebrity guest at each table surrounded by about eight fans each. The dinner moved along quite nicely as Beverly walked around with cutouts of each actors face and made sure to try and make her way to every table. She even made her way to the tables with just handlers and volunteers because she's the biggest sweetheart in the world. From what we could hear Rebecca was the biggest jokester as she made her table laugh very hard at multiple occasions and she even laughed very loudly a few times. Sean was shown an Apple Watch as he sat next to his wife who was the sweetest person as well. Each table got a photo with their celebrity guest and that ended the dinner.

Happily Ever After Ball

Finally, the main event of the night was the Happily Ever After Ball where everyone got dressed up and ready to party with each of the celebs minus Lana. The event started with just fans and immediately it turned into a party with Joshua Reid-Davis hosting the party. Sadly, there were no photos allowed in this event as well which made it easier for fans to have fun rather than trying to snap photos of each celeb. There was dancing and loud screams from the crowd every time a new song came on. Then, the guests started arriving and things got pretty hectic after that. As the guests made their way to the dance floor, the fans began surrounding them in hopes of dancing with their idols. Luckily, each celebrity guest managed to make their way to the dance floor and dance with fans. I personally got to dance with Sean and his wife, Gil, David, Eion, and Michael and his family. Sean danced and sang to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Gil danced along to Pharrell's "Happy". It was the best night ever because not a lot of people can say they danced with some of their favorite celebrities. All the props to the Staff and Volunteers at Regal Con who were the sweetest and solved every problem with ease. Cheers! Hopefully, we'll see you all again next year!

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