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Has "U.S. Uncut" Abandoned Journalistic Integrity?

US Uncut, an anti-austerity group, published an alarmingly erroneous account of a recent terrorist attack against Israelis, raising serious questions as to the integrity of their coverage on other global issues.

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Update: This is a conversation that another Buzzfeed reader had with US Uncut.

It seems that the writers at US Uncut clearly understand that their coverage of the stabbing was inaccurate. The original article appears to remain unedited.

While biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is hardly a surprise anymore, one reporter has published an alarmingly inaccurate report of a recent attack.

According to his bio on The Huffington post, C. Robert Gibson, editor of US Uncut, has written for The Guardian, the Washington Post, NPR, Al Jazeera America, Salon, ThinkProgress, and other sites.

The impression would be a reporter with extensive knowledge and experience, but his sloppy and borderline defamatory coverage of the recent terrorist attack in which cousins, Hassan (15) and Ahmed (13) Manasra stabbed two Israelis, would suggest otherwise.

1.) For starters, as of 10/13/2015, @ 19:50, Ahmed IS NOT DEAD.


While US Uncut coverage reports Ahmed as having succumbed to his wounds, all major news outlets in Israel are reporting that he is still alive.

Reuters also covered the story and accurately reported that Ahmed is indeed alive.

2.) Ahmed was not shot.

US Uncut reports that Ahmed was shot "multiple times".

According to all major Hebrew language news outlets and eyewitness accounts, Ahmed was hit by a car while being pursued, FOLLOWING the 2 stabbings.

3.) The woman in the Youtube video is NOT Ahmed's mother.

To anyone who has any clue about the Middle East, and especially to a journalist who has covered the Middle East on more than one occasion, there should be several obvious clues that put the credibility of this video into question.

While there is little clear demographic data about women's dress in the West Bank, a 2013 Pew Survey revealed that 89% of Muslims in the Palestinian territories "want sharia to be 'the official law of the land'”, indicating that Hijab and other traditionally modest dress adopted by Muslim women would be the large majority.

It is therefore highly unlikely that a Muslim woman from Beit Chanina/Shuafat in the West Bank, and the mother of a radicalized Muslim, would not be wearing a hijab or that she would be wearing shorts and flip flops.

Notably, the woman in the video is speaking Hebrew without the slightest Arabic accent. Hebrew is not taught in West Bank schools, so it is unlikely that she would be fluent in Hebrew and even less likely that she would speak without a heavy Arabic accent.

4.) The hospital in that Youtube video is in Hadera, a coastal city over 100 km from Jerusalem.

By RickP 20:22, 7 June 2006 (UTC) (Own work) [GFDL ( CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a photo grabbed from Wikipedia of The Hillel Jaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel.

The unique ellipse/round shape of the concrete wall in front of the entrance to the hospital is clearly visible in the Youtube clip.

If the woman in the video is indeed the mother of a victim of terror, she may be the mother of a 20 year old Israeli man who was one of 4 victims of a car ramming/stabbing attack in Hadera on Monday.

All in all, there is little that the US Uncut article got right about the stabbings.

Let's look forward to some more honest reporting in the future, shall we?

Update: Footage of the youths has been released by Israeli police

Facebook: video.php

Ahmed and his cousin can be seen in this video, both with knives in hand, chasing one of their two victims.

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