8 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

Love to love? Hate to love? Doesn’t matter because The New Yorker reminds us why these feline friends are awesome.

1. For starters, they always land on their feet.

Via The New Yorker

Can you do that? I can’t do that.

2. And just like you, they are also contemplating skipping that yoga class today.

Via The New Yorker

He won’t tell if you won’t tell. Who can blame him, though? He was probably reading.

3. Because they cruise around on Roombas.

I mean…livin’ da life AND helping you clean? Seriously.

4. Cats embrace social media.

Via The New Yorker

Took some patience to select the purrrrrfect profile pic.

5. They are not afraid to be themselves.

Via The New Yorker

Nope, dog, that cat is staying put.

6. They have deep discussions about life.

Via The New Yorker

7. Oh yeah, and apparently they write books.

Via The New Yorker

Or in this case books are written about them.

8. Admit it: love to love or love to hate, these kitties rule the world.

Via The New Yorker

And we love them.

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