10 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading George Saunders

We are groupies for this literary rock star!

1. He flunked a bunch of high school classes, and still managed to be a National Book Award Finalist.

Saunders discusses his high school “study habits” with Deborah Treisman.

2. His graduation speech made EVERYONE want to be a better person.

Young. Old. Graduates. Students. Parents. Teachers. You. Me.

3. He wrote the best book you’ll read this year.

(The New York Times Magazine backs us up on this.)

4. Stephen Colbert is a fan!

Talking short fiction with our most American American.

5. He was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

How can you argue with this: “For more than a decade, George Saunders has been the best short-story writer in English — not “one of,” not “arguably,” but the Best.”

6. He’s super considerate, to the point where he lets you know when he won’t be on Facebook.

7. His Random House style sheet is publishable in its own right.

Bonus: includes character names such as Kyle Boot, Todd Grassberger, and the Netherworlders!

9. He does the voice of a baby deer for his audio book.

It’s pretty great… you should listen to it.

10. And, if he signs your book, then you get an original George Saunders doodle.

George Saunders thinks Sam is cool, draws pink shoes, and spreads peace.

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