10 Reasons Why Women Everywhere Should Love Rob Delaney

That face. That speedo. Those tweets. We love Rob Delaney and you should, too!

1. Because he tweets things like this:

You tell ‘em!

3. Because he is serious man candy.

And Salon agrees!

4. Even Margaret Atwood is smitten!

Seriously. She loves him. They have quite the twitter relationship.

5. Can you blame her?

Say no to this face. I dare you.

6. Because he said “Men in their 20s are the worst thing happening on our planet”

Don’t believe us? Read the interview here.

7. Because he wrote an essay defending a woman’s right to choose.

Thank yooooou, Rob. Read the essay here.

8. Because he always sees the good in people.

“My wife is a wonderful person, but if we’d planned a trip and my hand got ripped off by an escalator, she’d be like ‘Fuck you, put it in a bag and bring it.” She would be a terrible nurse, but a very good drill sergeant.”

Need more from Rob’s book?

9. And he’s a #1 Dad

10. Oh yeah…and he can speak to you en français, the language of love.

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Rob Delaney.

Oui, Rob, oui.

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