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Facebook Yanks Sexy Venom Pictures

Facebook pulls two images from a gallery featuring a very sexy Venom

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On July 31st Adam Jay posted several new pictures on his Facebook page "SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay." The pictures featured Freddie Nova, a female model, covered in liquid latex, going through the process of becoming Venom.

The pictures quickly went viral and Adam received thousands of new subscribers. Within 24 hours one image gathered over 15,000 "Likes" and "shared" over 5,000 times. The image, below, was banned from Facebook on August 1st.

It took no time for people to get angered over the fact that it was removed from Facebook as no one saw anything wrong with the photo. That was only the beginning though, on August 2nd another photo (below) was removed and Adam was given a 24 hour ban from Facebook and was warned that if another violation was to occur that he would be banned from the site.

Although nothing seems to be inappropriate about the pictures Adam fears that he will have to take the Venom gallery down or risk being banned.

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