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These Couples Show That Falling In Love Hasn't Changed In 50 Years

Everyone has a meatball sandwich love story, right?

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Three generations of couples describe what it was like to meet in college. Some things about falling in love never change:

First impressions.

"He had a cute little bum."

That moment you know it's true love.

"Then our knees touched."

Pick up lines.

"He said would you like to go for a ride? Very smooth, you know."

Never knowing where you'll meet that special person.

"It's almost like we were on a lot of first dates in classes together."

Finding out the important things.

"How come you're eating a meatball sandwich on a Friday night?"

Realizing they are the one.

"I wasn't interested... until I heard you sing."

Finally, bringing out the best in each other.

"I dressed you this morning!"

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