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11 Powerful Images Depicting The Realities of Reverse Racism

It's a tough world out there for white people.

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1. In the picture below, you'll see the considerable number of individuals who have already been victimized by reverse racism just this year.

Sodar99 / Getty Images

2. And these poor people were passed up for employment because they are "too white."

Sorincolac / Getty Images

3. Here are all the directors of large companies who were discriminated against for the same reason.

Panso / Getty Images

4. This group of young, white professionals all get paid less than their black counterparts who all do the exact same job.

Claudioventrella / Getty Images

5. These are the white victims of harassment by security personnel at supermarkets and department stores.

Sara_winter / Getty Images

6. Here's every white person who's been asked, "Yeah, but like, where are you originally from?"

Idizimage / Getty Images

7. These white people have suffered through racism since childhood, perpetrated both by schoolmates AND teachers who have even gone as far as giving them nicknames based on the color of their skin.

Henrivdl / Getty Images

8. These individuals are upset about the lack of white representation in popular media, such as TV shows, movies, and even in advertisements.

Olga_gavrilova / Getty Images

9. These women have had to endure hearing "I've never actually gone out with a white girl before" on almost every date they've ever gone on.

Sarkophoto / Getty Images

10. This picture shows every white person who has been working hard to get their doctorate just to be mistaken for the janitorial crew while on campus.

Ventdusud / Getty Images

11. And here's every single person who has been turned away from a place because they're "whiteys."

Oporkka / Getty Images

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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