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    Here's How 14 People Describe The Way They Came To Terms With Their Bisexual Identity

    "I was just missing the word for it."

    BuzzFeed Brazil asked readers on Facebook who identified as bisexual about how they first came to understand their identity — here's what they said:

    Note: Responses have been translated and edited for clarity.

    1. "There was already a name for it."

    2. "I even imagined myself as a man, because I thought that would be the only way to get with girls."

    3. "I dated him for almost a year online before discovering that he was a girl."

    4. "Even though I was in a serious relationship with a man, I still liked women."

    5. "I ended up in the back seat of a car with a guy and a girl, and I realized that I wanted both of them."

    6. "Anyway, after that, I dated a lesbian who pressured me to call myself a lesbian. It wasn't comfortable at all..."

    7. "I tried to convince myself that I just admired the male body."

    8. "One moment I was attracted to a guy and thought 'Sweet, so now I'm normal.' The next moment I caught myself staring at a girl friend's mouth and feeling desire."

    9. "It happened when I was a kid and saw my first Shakira music video."

    10. "There will be moments when you like one gender more than another."

    11. "We feel like real ETs, outside all the constructed boxes and, many times, sad and alone."

    12. "I was just missing the word for it."

    13. "I grew up in a bisexual home, where there was a kind of suspicion about what we were, but nobody ever said anything about it."

    14. "I talked about it with a few friends on Tumblr from the bisexual community, and they taught me all about bisexuality."

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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