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    16 Things You'll Only Understand If You Can't Shut Up

    You're only truly alive when you're saying something.

    1. You can't think things through unless you speak your thoughts out loud.

    2. And sometimes you don't realize how absurd something is until after you've already said it.

    3. Nothing gives you more relief than speaking.

    4. And not speaking can feel suffocating.

    5. Your favorite time to chat is right before bed.

    6. Sometimes you catch yourself reciting your whole life story to someone who you just met.

    7. Which is exactly why one of your biggest fears is that people will think you're not interested in them.

    8. It gives you tons of anxiety to get through a long story while keeping it interesting for whoever is listening.

    9. So you've developed techniques for summarizing everything that happens to you without losing any of the essential details.

    10. You have no problem talking to therapists since you do it all the time anyway.

    11. You've been late getting home before because you ran into a friend on the way and stopped to have a long conversation with them.

    12. From time to time, your voice gets hoarse from talking so much.

    13. Three hours can seem like three minutes when you're talking about something interesting.

    14. Nobody takes you seriously when you say you'll "just sum it up" or "go over it really quickly."

    15. You even talk to yourself when nobody else is around to listen to you.

    16. And there's nothing better than finding someone who likes to talk as much as you do.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.