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    • ramonag3

      This is great! It may be the first time I really “got” Buzzfeed. I still don’t know what it does, but I like this guy! (I’m old enough to be his mom, but let’s let him go on thinking he’s such an old geezer the 60s and 70s were his and his alone.) As for being computer savvy—did I mention I’m old enough to be his mom? I know how to use the internet, and what you see on my website is mine, all mine, built by me with the help of a Blogger template. And it was fun. Maybe not as much fun as reading all these images, but fun enough.
      Ramona Grigg (Ramona’s Voices)  (I don’t know where the hell that ramonag3 business came from. I don’t like it, but it’s Buzzfeed and I don’t get Buzzfeed so I will have to concede that my computer skills—those skills needed to change it—stop right here, right now.)

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