It’s Official — The Top 11 Pranks In The Jason & Matt Prank War

This is the definitive list of best pranks ever pulled by Jason Ramin and Matt Walker in their EPIC prank war. Rankings were scientifically proven and put any debate to rest.

11. When Jason submitted Matt’s picture to a celebrity look-a-like contest for the office elevator TV

FYI that’s Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

10. When Matt filled Jason’s office with hundreds of Red Solo Cups filled with a suspicious yellowish substance

Matt claims it was “tea”

9. When Jason replaced all of the contents of Matt’s suitcase with reams of paper, leaving him clothes-less on his visit.

He didn’t realize his clothes were missing until 2am that night

8. When Matt wrapped Jason’s entire office in Saran Wrap … down to the individual pens

Everything smelled of plastic for weeks

7. When Jason somehow got all of Matt’s things (including his wallet) into the company vending machine

6. When Jason said farewell to Matt (who was moving to NY) be replacing all the company artwork

More pics / Via Facebook: JasonRamin

More pics in link above

5. When Matt “upgraded” Jason’s office

Video of prank / Via

Video of the prank in link above

4. When Matt (with the help of Elliot Norman) moved Jason’s car to the CEO’s parking spot

The CEO and receptionist were NOT happy with Jason at all.

3. When Jason “downgraded” Matt’s office upon his much anticipated LA return

2. When Jason photoshopped himself into a bunch of pictures with Matt’s sister, had them developed, mailed them to her in Ohio where she put them up all over her room right before Matt came home to visit his family

More pics here / Via

More pics in link above

1. When Jason & Matt teamed up for an EPIC April Fool’s prank on every female in the office

More pics & story here / Via Facebook: JasonRamin

Top reactions:

•Girl A: Upon her second time visiting the bathroom (around 2pm), she spent about 10 minutes knocking on the stall door asking if everything was okay in there, if they needed help. She came out and told the receptionist “Um… Claire, I need to tell you something. I went to the bathroom this morning and there was this GUY in the stall. Now I come back, and he’s still there! I knocked to see if he was ok but he didn’t respond. Claire… I think he’s dead. We need to call the building!”

•Girl B: Went to the 16th floor bathroom when receptionist was away. Didn’t notice the shoes until she sat to pee. “I never peed so fast in my life! I almost peed all over myself!!” When she left, she saw the receptionist outside and proceeded to freak out to her.

•Girl C: New girl to LRW. Went into the 17th floor bathroom, saw the shoes, got scared and left. Decided to go to the 16th floor bathroom instead. Freaked out when saw another “dude”.

•Girl D: Comes into Matt’s office on the verge of tears, scared that she was going to get attacked in the bathroom. Matt instructed her to check again and if still there Matt would check it out. Of course, he was. When he filled her in on the joke, she responded “NOT F’ING COOL!!! NOT F’ING COOL!!!!”

•Girl E: Walked in, said (out loud) “wow she has some big feet!” and proceeded to use the bathroom anyways.

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