• RamaTheVoice

      I would have edited this ifIcould, butIcan’t (or can’t figure out how). However,Iwanted to qualify my previous comment now that my head has cooled.
      Iwholeheartedly agree with your point.Ibelieve there are fundamental problems in how video games present female characters, and that, as the poster child for video game heroines, Lara Croft is also thereforeacrystallization of these problems. Pointing this out is fundamentallyagood thing, and should be done as much as possible. People who write about women in video games in sexist/mysogynist/disparaging terms should be called out on it.
      Ijust think you chose your targets badly is all.Idon’t see how any of the quotes that you, well, quote pertaining to the reboot are in any way sexist. At worst they’re sarcastic. And they certainly aren’t as shocking as some of the shit that came out of the mouths of the very developers of the game. Maybe the article was satirical. Maybe you were trying to “do an Onion”. If it was and you were andIfailed to see it, my bad. If you were being serious, asIbelieve you were and as you are completely right to be when talking about subjects such as these,Ibelieve you went about it wrongheadedly, maybe trying to find sexism where there wasn’t any. And it’sashame, because it dilutes your point.Imyself was so focused on the wrongness of the targets thatIcompletely glossed over how salient your point is and how badly it needs to be made.
      Ihope this was more productive.

    • RamaTheVoice

      WhileIagree wholeheartedly that those first quotes are pretty disgusting,Iam even more disgusted by the way you present the quotes pertaining to the reboot. They are all completely out of context, most egregiously the one by Evan Narcisse.  I’m pretty sure that it’s completely useless, since by disagreeing with you I’m going to get shoved squarely into the mysogynist category (since that is apparently the level of discourse these days), but I’m still going to take the time to point out that the Narcisse quote isadirect reference toamuch-maligned phrase by one of the lead people at Crystal Dynamics (the developer). Atapress event for the gameafew months ago, he explained that the direction they were taking with the new incarnation of Lara Croft was making her someone the player would want to protect instead of objectify sexually like in the previous games. This was the justification for an apparently planned but since-removed sequence where Lara would suffer attempted rape! What you have done, in essence, is takeaquote specifially calling out sexism and presented it as sexist. Brilliant! Add to that the blatantly misleading Nathan Drake analogy in response to Schreier’s quote, and it’s pretty clear that we’ve got some spectacularly shoddy and biased journalism on our hands. Bravo.

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