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    4 Apr 2016

    15 Real-Life Superheroes From Hyderabad Everyone Needs To Know About

    The heroes Tollywood won't show you.

    1. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, a retired railway officer who used his pension to fill up 1,125 potholes around Hyderabad.

    2. The Youngistaan Foundation, who went around Hyderabad giving cool makeovers to homeless people for free.

    3. Sunitha Krishnan, a gang-rape survivor who founded an NGO that rescues, rehabilitates and integrates victims of sex-trafficking back into society.

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    4. Syed Merajuddin Hydri, a traffic cop who leaves home every day with six bottles of petrol for those in need.

    5. Manju Latha Kalanidhi, who started the Rice Bucket Challenge, which involves donating a bucket of rice to a poor person or family.

    6. Aishwarya Rao, who runs Cradle India Foundation, a free daycare facility for lower income women to send their kids to.

    7. Azhar Maqsusi, who feeds hundreds of people free food under the Dabeerpura Flyover everyday.

    8. Amala Akkineni, a former actress who now helps in rescuing sick animals, and vaccinating stray dogs.

    9. This group of doctors who distribute hearing aids to children from economically challenged families.

    10. Srivyal Vuyyuri, who returned from USA to start an NGO for children from vulnerable and underprivileged groups.

    11. Make A Change, who distribute free blankets to the homeless around the city.

    12. This autorickshaw driver, who provides free rides to pregnant women during emergencies.

    13. Srikanth Bolla, a blind student who couldn't get into IIT, but made it to MIT and now runs a company valued at ₹50 crores.

    14. This group of students, who took it upon themselves to give the paan-stained walls of Hyderabad a makeover.

    15. And Manjula Krishnan, who runs the Good Will Store, a free walk-in store for the poor, where they can shop with dignity.

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