ralphw3 Oh me-o my-o have some fun on the bio! OK, Just me...trying to whip that Buzz!
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  • MyFreedomSmokes Unflavored Nicotine 30% OFF

    It’s that time again. Time for a sale on our famous Unflavored Nicotine Smoke Juice E-Liquid. By using the coupon code “30Nic” you will receive an incredible 30% OFF of our already low prices for any size and any strength of Unflavored Nicotine (discount cannot be applied to wholesale quantities).

  • EverSmoke

    There is a brand new ecigarette that is JUST hitting the market by the name of EverSmoke These are high performance ecigarettes that should really appeal to those long term smokers looking for a product that offers the same experience as smoking without all the negative effects. Have a look around the sight with the link below you just may be surprised at the value and quality that EverSmoke has to offer!

  • Valentine’s Day Promotions At Green Smoke

    Here is just two of the many special Valentines Day Sale going on right now at Green Smoke Plus enter the Sweepstakes to win a free kit! The Love At First Puff Kit includes 1 Long Battery, 1 Short Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, 1 Car Adapter, 1 USB Cigarette, 2 FlavorMax™ 5-packs, an extra 5-pack of Chocolate* flavored FlavorMax™, and a plush teddy bear! All this for a price that can’t be beat - $139.99! The Tobacco For Two Kit includes 2 Long Batteries, 2 Short Batteries, 2 USB Chargers, 2 Wall Adapters, 2 Car Adapters, 2 USB Cigarettes, and 4 FlavorMax™ 5-packs. Get you and your sweetie all this for just $199! *Smooth Chocolate is replaced with Tobacco Gold for certain states

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