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Every Thought I Had While Watching Frozen For The First Time

I like musicals. I like Disney. I like Pixar. I like animated characters that are cute. So why did I wait so long before watching Frozen? I still don't know the answer to this but while I did eventually watch it I kept a running commentary (because why wouldn't you?).

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So here in running order is every thought I had while watching Frozen for the first time:

1. I hope this lives up to the hype

2. A men at work opening scene...don't all great movies start with one of these?

3. I wish I had the power to make it snow

4. Oh no what's she done to her sister

5. Oh they are so cute! I want one!

6. Aww she needs her sister back

7. Parents aren't coming back are they?

8. Sad face

9. Sad sad face

10. Why is it not all frozen yet?

11. I know this is Kristen but it doesn't sound like her

12. Oh but that is definitely Idina

13. Ooooh Disney love at first sight

14. Uh no don't take the gloves off

15. Anna and Hanz - finishing off each other's sandwiches since 2013

16. Give her her glove back! Don't anger it!

17. She's not a monster don't say that!

18. Polar vortex ain't got nothing on Elsa


20. I feel cold just watching this

21. Reindeer!

22. I hear ya J Groff

23. Eyes in the dark arghhhh

24. Jump Sven!

25. Pull Sven pull!

26. A talking snowman I want one!

27. A camp talking snowman! I want one!

28. Ooooh pretty ice palace

29. She's's not nice to throw people

30. Gotta escape snow marshmallow man!

31. Yey the rock trolls are back

32. A Disney love triangle - have we ever seen this before?!

33. Freeze them Elsa!

34. She's not a monster!

35. What have they done to her?!

36. Don't leave her Kristoff you're her true love not Hans

37. Omg he's evil!!!

38. No we haven't ever seen a Disney love triangle cause there isn't one in this movie!!

39. She's not dead! LIAR!

40. No Kristoff she's not with her true love you need to go back! Go baaaack!

41. Olaf to the rescue yeyyy

42. Uh oh get away from the fire Olaf

43. Come on Kristoff get to her! Ride like the wind Sven!


45. Omg she's frozen!

46. Omg she's defrosting!

47. And now the town is and the people are happy again yeyyyy

48. Where are the rock trolls?

49. Olaf will live forever!

50. Take that Hans!

51. She got him a new sled with a cup holder now that's true love KISS HER


53. And they all lived happily ever after

54. Why is Demi singing this?! I'm so confused!

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