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    Give These Older Dogs The Best Golden Years Ever

    These senior pooches want more than just belly rubs before they go to that great big dog park in the sky. Help bring their doggie bucket list to life.

    Imagine if every dog had its own bucket list, or “Bark-It List,” and was treated like a rock star.

    Fuzzy-faced Peggy says dog hospice is not depressing, it's inspiring. So there!

    Danny Boy was the first to finish his Bark-It List.

    Danny Boy hung out at the beach with his buddies and even got his own glamorous photo shoot.

    Nubia was the next Bark-It List pooch. She had a doggie spa day.

    So what might your dog like on a Bark-It List?

    Jasmine is not gonna let skin cancer stop her from making every day awesome.

    Rosie says that having a doggie bucket list really does matter.

    Why not grant wishes for all of Muttville's hospice dogs?