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    How To Have The Best Wedding Limousine Experience! :)

    Planning a wedding is stressful (we know!) and you have so much to think about. The dress, the venue, the church, the cake, etc. Adding transportation to the list of things to do just adds to the stress! But, we want to make it a little easier on you! Below are a list of tips that will help your wedding transportation run as smooth as possible!

    1. Have An Itinerary!

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    The most important aspect to have regarding your wedding transportation is an itinerary! Being organized on where your limousine or party bus with be taking you and your guests can make or break the day. For example, your time frame you have reserved your limousine in Raleigh for is 1-6pm. You will want to carefully map out your itinerary to the minute.

    For example:

    1:00pm-Pick up Groom & Groomsmen @ The Umstead

    100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary, NC

    1:20pm-Drop Groom & Groomsmen off @ St. Michael's Church

    810 High House Road, Cary, NC

    1:40pm-Pick up Bride & Bridesmaids @ The Umstead

    100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary, NC

    2:00pm-Drop Bride & Bridesmaids off @ St. Michael's Church

    810 High House Road, Cary, NC

    3:15pm-Pick up @ St. Michael's Church and take to Moore Square for Pictures

    200 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC

    4:00pm-Arrive at Moore Square

    5:15pm-Leave Moore Square & Return to The Umstead

    100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary, NC

    6:00pm-Drop off @ The Umstead

    2. Plan For Extra Time!

    One of the most important things to do on your wedding day, plan for extra time! Though you may think you have the whole day planned out, still allow for extra time, especially when it comes to your transportation. When the limousine arrives 10-15 minutes early, have your first group ready at that time. Take advantage of the extra 10-15 minutes we give you (basically for FREE!) to get going a little bit early.

    Another important step when planning your transportation, allow for extra drive time between your destinations. Saturday afternoon traffic in Raleigh can be hectic in itself, but think about the extra time it might take your gigantic Hummer or Escalade limousine to get turned around in a small hotel parking lot. For example, Google maps says it takes 12 minutes to get from The Umstead to St. Michaels Church. Always allow for an extra 10 minutes or so between destinations, therefore about 20 minutes to get from The Umstead to St. Michael's Church (as shown in the example itinerary above!). Sometimes it takes a few minutes for everyone to get in the limousine and of course take a few pictures! Planning for extra time will make the day go so much smoother! :)

    3. Get A Larger Vehicle!

    If you have 14 people in your bridal party, DON'T get a vehicle rated for 14 passengers! Though we rate our vehicles for comfort, you will need a larger vehicle than the amount of people that you have. Each person with have a bag (or two!) that they will be bring in the limousine along with a dress or garment bag.

    Also, it is important to think about the space you will want to have when you're all dressed up. The brides dress will usually take up about two seats and no one is going to want to be sitting on top of each other, plus the photographer and maybe an assistant that will want to ride along. Our 26 passenger Escalade limousine is perfect for weddings! :)

    4. Decorate the Limousine!

    Raleigh Dream Limos / Via

    Riding in a limousine should be fun! Have your bridesmaids & groomsmen make the limousine custom! Most limousine companies (Raleigh Dream Limos Included!) provide window markers to write your names on the side. Maybe..."Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs (Name)!" or "Just Married"! The windows are extremely long so you'll have to think of a few fun things :)

    5. HAVE FUN!

    Most importantly, HAVE FUN! You're riding in a limousine on the way to your wedding! This is a once in a lifetime experience! Create a playlist of your favorite songs for your ride to the church and then a different playlist for after the wedding!

    And don't forget the champagne :) You're celebrating! We always provide complimentary glassware, napkins, bottles of water & ice. Stick that champagne in, chill it & get the party started! :)

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