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  • It is a Small World Afterall

    Tilt Shift Video celebrating the 38th Birthday of the Magic Kingdom, this tilt SHift has been produced with thousands of Pictures. Just take a look and you’ll see why it is a small world afterall…

  • Paris 14th of July Toy Soldier’s Version (Video in French)

    Using a Canon 5D Mark II set up on the continuous mode, they used a photographic technic called tilt-shift giving this miniature effect to their images. The realisation is well treated, the images original, the location is great ( on the roof of a building located on the rotary of the “Camps-Elysées”). Realised by: Alto Média

  • I Gotta Feeling …

    quick and dirty explanation, a hand full of choreograhers got the idea to plan this dance, they used Oprahs twitter group to get people involved and got more proessional dancers to help teach people the moves. The day before the kickoff they had people show up to practice and had 20000 people show up… It started with 800

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