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    • rajaomaira

      All are whiney , rather than being happy that they are considered desirable , they go on a fucking rampage . What the fuck is wrong with these people . Who in their right mind spends money on costumes and acting like fictional characters , nerds and these same nerds wether be male or female really have no idea how real life works . if a person gives you a sexy remark , you are offended because society has taught you to be offended by it , damn one culture makes it compulsory to kiss above the left nipple , is that sexist! stop whining and be grateful that at least you are desirable , did you not spend so much time to look desirable . I mean a baboon showing its red ass signifies it is ready for sex , so if you cant behave or act like that then I think you must read up some biology and stop acting like clusterfucks . If a man goes about wearing just his underwears and naturally girls will hit on him , if it goes the other way around what do you expect , for the love of God , stop whining and if you don’t want to feel unconfortable , maybe you should change a look on your outlook , if someone tells you you are sexy , take it as a compliment , not that he raped you or something!!

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