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    Horrifying Health Hazards At Miami Sunset Senior High

    Miami Sunset Senior High in Miami, Florida has high schoolers facing moldy lunch food, cockroach infestations, and undrinkable water. Has the sun set on this school's health standards?

    Tumblr user padaleckidalek-fallen-angel exposes her high school's toxic conditions.

    Sitting down for lunch is meant to be one of the least stressful moments of a high schooler's day. Yet what should they do when their first juice sip is tainted with mold? Ana* faces this horror and several others every day she walks into Miami Sunset Senior High.

    Furthermore, this isn't the sole struggle students are facing with mold in the building. The girls shower room has mold climbing up the walls as seen in the picture below. How can students be expected to be hygienic in a place with so little regard for their health?

    "water is always bad ranges from grey to green to yellow"

    Students cannot even find solace at state mandated drinking fountains. Water is often of an off hue which "ranges from grey to green to yellow". Fellow classmates have taken to making signs around the school to warn others.

    Should students manage to avoid the mold and water, they then have to confront Sunset's pest problem. Cockroaches are found throughout the premises, from the bathrooms to the lunchroom.

    But even when you remove the mold, water, and cockroach problems, there are more issues at Sunset High. Students are not allowed to remove books from the library shelves, effectively shutting down literature access for many of the high schoolers.

    These health concerns and other problems have been brought to the administration's attention in the past. However, students that have posted about it on social media have been "forced to write apology letters and are being threatened with suspension and/or expulsion for violating school rules and tagging news stations and district people in their twitter post".