WTF Japan?!

Here’s A Collection Of Random WTFness From The Land Of WTF. Japan Rocks.

I Would Probably Eat Way More Seafood If It Looked Like This.

Wow Mr. Squirrel- Those Are Some Big Nuts!

I Want To Know What Drugs Or Gas This Dentist Uses. Then I Want 25x That Amount For My Next Root Canal. Damn It.

Monsanto Officially Denies Experimenting With Catnip.

I Would Need To Be So Completely Drunk Out Of My Skull To Fly In This Thing….

I Bet That Train Takes D Batteries At Least….

Please Tell Me That Sumo Wrestlers Ride On This Bus!

I Just Don’t… I Can’t. Omg.

The Boy’s Toy Was A Hairy Sumo Wrestler!

Taxidermied Pikachu Rats. Well Done, Japan.

Yes, He Could Walk On Water- But….

Vagina Dentata Anyone? Guys??

Just Because You’re Single Doesn’t Mean You Sleep Alone.

Some Men Prefer Breasts, While Others….

Pedo Bear Condoms, FFS Japan!

WTF To The Nth Degree (Yet I shudder to think that somewhere some guy just found this image and is reaching for his fly…).

How Clothes Suddenly Became More Affordable.

Japan Has Cat Cafes. As Most Apartments In Japan Won’t Allow Pets- Imagine Blending Starbucks With A Cat Shelter! Why Did I Put This In The ‘WTF Japan’ Post?? This Is An Awesome Idea!!!

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