• One woman, who had 30 eggs ejected into her eye by the insect said that,It was uncomfortable and hurt a bit,. Oh ya- AND GROSS!

  • Bot Fly Larvae

    Approximately 30 whitish larvae were removed from her eye; but she had a persistent feeling of ‘creeping larvae’ in the eye and nose area. (*Can’t.Stop.Itching*…) Later that day two more larvae were removed.

  • Your Eye Looks Like An Elk Nostril

    The female Bot fly usually prefers to shoot her eggs into elk or deer’s eyes. But sometimes mistake human eyes for elk nostrils. The larvae then travel into the nose where they feed on mucus (Yum!). When the larvae reach about 4 centimers their movements tickle the nose of the animal, which sneezes them out together with mucus and blood on to the ground where they then continue to the next stage in their development.

  • Umm…No Thanks.

    People who’ve experienced a Botfly shooting their larvae into their eyes say it feels as if they were “slapped in the face by a branch”. Experts advice to members of the public who enjoy walking in the woods is to immediately swat away any bumble bee-resembling insects that seem to hover in front of the face. *Reason #219 Why I Hate Camping! (BTW- There’s lots of different Botflys all over the world).