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Riot In Vancouver After Bruin's Win Stanley Cup

With 100,000 people in the downtown core- a small percentage of testosterone/booze fueled ASSHOLES went insane even before the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Cars set on fire, business being broken into, banks being smashed into- a carpark set on fire. I HAVE NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE BEEN MORE ASHAMED OF MY CITY. I'M GLAD WE LOST. After this- it's clear we don;t deserve it. *Broken-hearted and Ashamed*

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  • 1. I sincerely hope each one of these assholes gets the shit beat out of them

  • 2. 100,000 and a small percentage ruins it all

  • 3. news footage shows many came downtown with weapons and masks. They planned this shit. I feel sick right now. Fucking assholes.