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    More Wonderfully Weird Japanese Foods

    No other cultures' food seems to fascinate westerners as Japanese food does. Let's take a tour!

    • 1. Wasp Crackers (best served in the suburbs perhaps?)

    • 2. Cream Collon Snacks (unfortunate name)

    • 3. Wasabi Beer (Are You Man Enough?)

    • 4. BM Coffee (please say this doesn't mean what I think it means)

    • 5. Placenta 10000 Jelly Drink

      Apparently it includes real pig placenta. It claims to be healthy and taste like peaches. Umm...I'll trust them on that one.

    • 6. Octopus Ice Cream (what? They were out of Dolphin? Damn it!)

    • 7. Natto

      They may look like sticky corn (or sticky insect eggs) but they're just Fermented Soybeans.

    • 8. Tamagogani

      Dried Crabs. Similar to crunching on potato chips. What? That's what it says on the site! I couldn't do it...I'd be a cannibal.

    • 9. Basil Seed Drink

      Tadpoles anyone? I'm sure it's refreshing. I'm just wimpy- I'm not used to my drink staring back at me.

    • 10. Square Watermelons

      Designed to make optimum use of space- and to piss off Americans in summer (it's gotta be messier to eat?).

    • 11. Tuna Eyeball

    • 12. Dried Lizards (for soup)

    • 13. Sea Otter Boogers

      These tasty treats are made of candied black beans. They look like prunes. Or coal....

    • 14. Rose Sweat Gum

      “Otoko Kaoru” (“Man Smelling Sweetly”) is a brand of chewing gum that makes your sweat smell like roses.

    • 15. Curry Lemonade

      The label says, “A miraculous collaboration of curry and lemonade”. It's miraculous that anyone drinks it! Omg. Ok- yes- I would on a dare.

    • 16. Scallops and Mayo Flavored Chips

      Snack on Dinner!

    • 17. Eel Soda

      “Surging Eel” fizzy pop is a carbonated yellow liquid made out of *SPOILERS* eel!

    • 18. F-Cup Pudding

      F-Cup Pudding have a breast enlarging herb pueraria mirifica (a plant found in Southeast Asia) that MIGHT enhance boob size. F-Cup...really? How about something more realistic- B-Cup? C-Cup?

    • 19. Fried Turtle Shells (turtlefeed- Don't look!!)

      Well, I guess Pork Rinds would be just as gross to them.

    • 20. Giga Pudding

      Twenty servings of oozy goodness in one convenient plastic bucket. Unless it was Octopus Flavoured- this seems like a natural for Walmart.

    • 21. Unusual Sandwiches

      Seaweed, squash, sweet potatoes or pickles! I'd lose so much weight there....

    • 22. Shirako

      Shirako is the male genitalia of fish, a sack that contains its seminal fluid. I'm a lesbian- so, I'm instantly disqualified from trying this dish. That's like- a rule or something.

    • 23. Basashi

      Raw Horse Meat. Due to its deep pink color raw horse meat is called “sakura” or “sakuraniku”. “Sakura” means cherry blossom, “niku” means meat. However, when your equine is ponied up raw in thin sashimi slices it is called “basashi”. Whatever you do- don't think of Black Beauty.

    • 24. Basashi Ice Cream.

      Yes- It's made with horse meat.

    • 25. Iruca


    • 26. Shirouo no Odorigui

      Shirouo are very small transparent fish that are eaten alive. They dance in your mouth while being eaten (*biting tongue*...).

    • 27. Doritos Crunchy Nut Flavour

      Look at the picture on the bag. Now read the title. You'll get it.

    • 28. Peach & Pineapple Sandwich

      Fascinating, right?! Why not? It's not like white bread is good for you anyway. You first though.

    • 29. Yakisoba Pan

      'Noodle Bun'- it's basically spaghetti in a roll. It's like a hot dog to us.

    • 30. Natori Fish Almond Mix

      That's it! I knew my trail mix was missing something! Dried fishies!