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Frequency Of Use Visualized Keyboard

Check out this keyboard with key sizes representing how frequently they're used. It's a sculptural data visualization project by a very clever fellow!

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  • Keyboard Frequency Sculpture By Mike Kneupfel.

    He said, "I've been thinking about and exploring the idea of using 3d rapid prototyping techniques to create sculptural data visualizations."

  • He Used This Chart From Wikipedia For The Frequency Of Each Letter.

    "I didn't really have any great ideas for a particular data set and was having trouble explaining my idea to people. I settled on mapping the frequency of each letter in the alphabet onto a key on the keyboard".

  • Here Are The Results:


  • His First Attempt At A Data Driven 3d Sculpture.

  • Another View.

    "I wound up scaling the keys a little bit too much in the vertical direction. The weight of the tall keys caused the towers to tilt at an angle".

  • Assembly.

    "I plan on showing this prototype to a few people that will hopefully give me more ideas for new data sets to look at. I want to try and use the CNC for future data driven sculptures. I also want to try and include color into the sculpture somehow".