Things You See At A Mermaid Convention

Did you know there's enough professional mermaids in the world that we have mermaids conventions? Because we do!

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This Is What A Mermaid Convention Looks Like

In January of 2014, I got to attend a convention for MERMAIDS as a featured speaker. That's right, there are loads of professional mermaids around the world, and sometimes we get together for cons! Here's a peek at what a mermaid convention is like!

Mermaids! (and Mermen)

Raina the Halifax Mermaid / Via Facebook: 183327321702019

First of all, we've got mermaids and even mermen. In all sorts of different hand crafted silicone, latex, and fabric or neoprene tails. Yes, they swim in those.

Merwranglers and Mertenders

Caribbean Pearl / Via Facebook: 183327321702019

Merwranglers and Mertenders are the code name for people (often men but sometimes women) who help mers get from one point to another while in a tail. They carry mermaids around! Because how else do you expect us to get around on land?

Seriously do you even lift bro?

Raina the Halifax Mermaid / Via Facebook: 183327321702019

This was my awesome boyfriend who helped carry many a mer-friend into the pool. That's a friend, mermaid Kailani who is pictured.

Professional workshops on how to work with kids, run a mermaid business, underwater photography, breath holding and more

Cate Vail / Via Facebook: 183327321702019

This is me running a workshop on working with kids. There were plenty of workshops to help other mers bring out their professional side and learn how to perform better along with making money.

Hollywood Special FX Artist Thom Shouse

Raina the Halifax Mermaid / Via Facebook: 183327321702019

Thom is responsible for many of the mermaid tails we have seen in movies, TV, print ads, and commercials since the 80s. He got his start when he helped create the iconic tail from the mermaid movie Splash.

Loads of Breath Taking Underwater Photos

Steve Anton / Via

This photograph of Kailani Mermaid in her tail made by Merbellas was shot by the awesome Steve Anton. Many mers got to take advantage of having professional underwater photographers on site.

Little kids having dreams come true and being transformed into mermaids

View this video on YouTube

HFXmermaid / Via

I did a program called adopt a mermaid where I was paired with a beautiful little girl who had health issues surrounding her legs. I dressed her all up and taught her to swim in her tail. She was amazing.

Lots of Mermaids Swimming Underwater

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HFXmermaid / Via

And Finally... just a bunch of people being happy in mermaid tails!

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HFXmermaid / Via

There are loads of conventions in the world, but now you know about one more! The next Merfest will be held in NC and you can learn about it by going to

best fishes!

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