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    Real Reasons To Be A Professional Mermaid

    More than just the free clam bra! Admit it- this is your dream job.

    Amazing Functioning Tails

    David Benz & Hannah Fraser / Via Facebook: HannahMermaid

    This is Hannah Fraser. She's one of the most well known professional mermaids. She makes all of her own tails and occasionally collaborates with other artists. She sews thousands of sequins onto painted neoprene (wet suit material), adds fringes and extra fins, and fits the fluke with something called a monofin.

    Swimming in Unique Locations

    Wendy Capili-Wilkie & Linden Wolbert / Via Facebook: mermaidsinmotion

    This is Linden of Mermaids in Motion, swimming in Jelly Fish lake. These jellies have evolved so they can't sting anyone! Linden- like many other professional mermaids- sometimes gets the chance to travel the world and raise awareness about ocean activism and threatened species. Linden has her own youtube series educating kids around the world about the ocean.

    Swimming With Ocean Animals

    Susan Knight Studios & The Mermaid Atlantis / Via Facebook: 345372802194689

    This is the Mermaid Atlantis swimming alongside a whaleshark! Yes- a whaleshark! Many mermaids are skilled divers and freedivers and take those skills to the open ocean (with proper safety and safety divers) to take part in amazing excursions that let them get up close (but not too close) with ocean animals.

    Cool Underwater Tricks

    The Live Mermaid Show & Merbellas, Mermaid Raven and Tyler Sutter / Via Facebook: MerBellaStudios

    Many mermaids learn how to perform really cool underwater stunts. Whether it's flips and twists, feats up speed and depth, long breath holds, or cool bubble tricks like this. Mermaid Raven performs in the USA through her company The Live Mermaid Show in a travelling tank!

    A Chance To Experience Something Magical at Any Age

    Weeki Wachee / Via Facebook: WeekiWacheeSprings

    The famous Weeki Wachee mermaids of Florida perform in a deep spring that has been turned into an underwater theatre. They hold camps for many ages including retired performers from the past few decades, or older adults who want the chance to experience a weekend as a mermaid. This is a unique and amazing experience that will last a lifetime.

    Performing at Aquariums

    Muchens Nixe Daniela SEITE / Via Facebook: MuenchensNixeDaniela

    Some mermaids perform in aquariums around the world in a tradition that believe it or not- dates back 100 years. Daniela performs at different aquariums across the globe, enchanting visitors and showing off her amazing diving capabilities. What's even more impressive is that she and many mermaids like her- swim with sharks in these tanks!

    Educating Others

    Alicia Franco & Mermaid Kariel / Via Facebook: MermaidKarielsWorld

    Many mermaids champion ocean activism, but they also educate children. Mermaid Kariel overcame a difficult learning disability growing up. She turned her experience into a beloved children's book that educates them and inspires them to be brave. Based in Hawaii, Kariel is inspiring kids everywhere to move over their fears.

    A Chance to Spread Happiness

    Sean Norman & Halifax Mermaids / Via Facebook: 644749652223161

    Mermaid Mutiny of Halifax Mermaids hugs a young girl at a birthday party. Mermaids tend to be really good at encouraging emotional and intellectual growth in kids, along with giving them happy memories. Who wouldn't want to meet a mermaid?

    You Get to Break the Mold!

    Merman Christian / Via Facebook: mermanchristian

    As if being a mermaid wasn't an awesome way to break the mundane (and the mold)- there are also professional Mermen! Merman Christian has several film and media titles under his mer-belt. Mermen are also making waves in the areas of ocean activism and supporting children's charities. This guy even made his own tail!

    Combining Your Talents and Live a Dream

    Raina Mermaid & Halifax Mermaids, Sean Norman. / Via Facebook: RainaMermaid

    Most of us have a dream of combining what we love and making a living from it. Professional mermaids do just that. Some love to swim, model, or perform. Others love to create costumes, work with kids, be in the water, or work with animals. Being a pro mermaid allows people to combine those things into a really surreal job that combines the best of many worlds. Raina the Mermaid is a licensed teacher and runs her own mermaid business where she educated kids, and gets to tap into her creative side.

    Being Part of a Bigger Community

    Sean Norman & Raina Mermaid / Via Facebook: RainaMermaid

    There are mermaid gatherings and conventions on a big and small scale all around the world. Performers from all over get together to swap tips, learn tricks of the trade, meet big names in the entertainment industry, and spend time with other mers. The mermaid community spans across all types of people from all over, all ages, and all backgrounds. The next big mermaid convention will be happening in NC in 2015. Check out for more info

    How To Learn More...

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    "Sea" You soon!

    Raina Mermaid, Halifax Mermaids, & Dream Your Way / Via