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    11 Signs You're Seeing A Naturopath/Nutritionist

    You've started your health journey. You've got some optimism, kale, a high-speed blender, and a basket case of emotions described by these GIFs!

    Your initial reaction when your naturopath showed you the “foods to avoid" list for your digestive concerns:

    When you tried the suggestion of kale chips:

    The first time you tried bitter herbs for digestion and you were like:

    Your reaction when you cooked your first healthy meal (considering your version of cooking is heating up Chef Boyardee):

    When you’re on a hypoallergenic cleanse, and you’re at the grocery store with 2 other customers staring at the last bottle of almond butter:

    You told your partner you’re going gluten-free and gluten is in the first 5 ingredients of the snack he/she brought you:

    How you felt after that hypoallergenic cleanse:

    When you realized you unintentionally lost weight and your skin cleared up after you followed the dietary work:

    The organic coconut oil you use is on sale for 1/2 price:

    When your naturopath says your vitamin b12 levels are at the optimum range:

    And finally, when someone tells you diet has little to do with your health concern: