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    20 Pictures Of The Life You Want Vs. The Life You've Got

    You can't always get what you want.

    1. The front door to the house of your dreams:

    2. The front door of your house:

    3. The shower of your dreams:

    4. Your shower:

    5. The bathroom sink of your dreams:

    6. The bathroom sink at your house:

    7. The pots and pans of your dreams:

    8. Your "set" of pots and pans:

    9. The garbage can of your dreams, and yes, you dream about truly incredible garbage cans:

    10. Your garbage pail:

    11. The refrigerator of your dreams:

    12. Your refrigerator:

    13. The bedroom of your dreams:

    14. Your bedroom:

    15. The dining table of your dreams:

    16. Your dining table.

    17. The coffee maker of your dreams:

    18. Your coffee maker:

    19. The kitchen sink of your dreams:

    20. Your faucet:

    This post was translated from Portuguese.