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Brazilians Have Some Interesting Habits And This Is What Non-Brazilians Think About Them

30 days of paid holiday leave: thumbs up! Trashcan full of poo-covered toilet paper in the bathroom: noooooooope.

BuzzFeed Brasil explained Brazilian customs to their colleagues in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and asked them to write the first thing that crossed their minds. Thirteen people replied. This is what they said:

1. Sometimes Brazilians take two showers a day. What do you think about that?

Chris (US): That's a commitment to hygiene.

José Luis H. (Mexico): LOL, some times I don't take a shower all weekend.

Alexis (US): That's OK if it's very hot out and you showered in the morning, got sweaty, and didn't want to go to bed all dirty. Otherwise it's wasteful!

Elaina (US): I barely take one shower a day, and showers are like a once-in-six-months occasion.

Arianna (US): Who has the time???

Susie (US): I suppose it's very hot where you live, so that makes sense.


Erin (US): It makes sense that people from warmer climates might feel the need to shower more often. That being said, you water bills must be a nightmare.

2. Almost everyone in Brazil brings a toothbrush and a toothpaste with them everywhere they go and they brush their teeth at work after lunch. Is that weird to you?

Chris (US): In reality I think it sounds good? But there is no way I remember to bring that stuff with me everywhere.

José Luis H.: (Mexico) That's weird. You all probably have excellent teeth though, your dental hygiene habits are way ahead of us.

Will (US): A little bit but it seems like a good idea. I have a toothbrush at work but feel weird since nobody else does it. So the brush sits unused.

Elaina (US): Not really, but taking selfies whilst doing it is definitely weird.

Susie (US): Good to know, so when I come visit you I can plan accordingly and you won't think I'm disgusting.

Chelsea (US): Yes but I get cavities a lot so really, who's the real dummy?

Monique (US): Once again, Brazil is making us look like a bunch of ragamuffins who don't know what a bar of soap looks like.

Sarah (US): I mean, I should probably take up this habit. We probably all should. Kudos.

Erin (US): I SAW SOMEONE DO THIS WHEN I VISITED THE SAO PAULO OFFICE and I assumed she had a dentist appointment later. It's bad for your teeth to brush more than twice a day! Eat a mint instead.

3. Brazilian couples sit side by side at restaurants. Thoughts?

José Luis H. (Mexico): It's easier to kiss.

Alexis (US): While there is something to be said for the side-snuggle, pretty much every romantic norm I'm accustomed to rejects this idea. You're supposed to gaze into each others' eyes and clink champagne glasses across the table! Romance is dead in Brazil!

Will (US): This seems normal for a couple to do.

Elaina (US): So do obnoxious American couples. Operative word being obnoxious.

Arianna (US): Love it. 100%.

Susie (US): Kinda sweet.

Driadonna (US): Me and my boo do it all the time. It's more intimate, maybe, but I know it makes the waitress/waiter want to barf.

Monique (US): Don't you want to stare into each others eyes or look at their very freshly brushed smile?

Sarah (US): SAME SIDERS?! No. Go away.

Erin (US): I wish the U.S. would lighten up about this, it's much easier to share food this way.

4. Brazilians never touch their food: they always use napkins. And they eat pizza with knife and fork. What's the deal with that?

Chris Gera: Seems like hygiene is a thing, BUT PIZZA WITH A FORK AND KNIFE IS THE DEVIL'S WORK

José Luis H. (Mexico): Brazil's got a serious case of the germophobia.

Will (US): That's weird.


Ishmael (Canada): Think of all the grease you won't get on your hands! All that glorious, moisturizing food grease.

Susie (US): Wait, are you trolling us?

Chelsea (US): Monsters, all of you.

Monique (US): Y'all aren't living until you've licked grease off your fingers.

Sarah (US): Blasphemy.

Erin (US): You will never know the true pleasures of a burger until you place your naked hands on it.

5. Brazilians always refer to each other by their first names — including the president! How do you feel about that?

José Luis H. (Mexico): Cool, we should all learn.

Alexis (US): That seems friendly :)

Will (US): Hmmm could be weird if I was not familiar with the person and they were older than me.

Elaina (US): Oh now that's pretty chill. Also who is that man, I like him, he has a friendly face and a casual greeting wave.

Ishmael (Canada): I like this idea, but what happens when there are several people with the same first name? Do you guys start numbering them like John 1, John 2?

Chelsea (US): I think that's actually really nice! Mostly cause I want to be on a first name basis with Obama.

Monique (US): It further proves that they are a cool laid back group of people who don't bother with such foolishness as titles. That's why they are all wrinkle free and beautiful – they don't stress about nonsense.

Erin (US): DILMA! It sounds nice and friendly, like you all live on Sesame Street.

6. Brazilians wipe their asses and throw the toilet paper in a little bin next to the loo. Does that sound crazy to you?

Chris (US): Absolutely. I was onboard with a lot of these concepts but I'm out at this one.

José Luis H. (Mexico): We do the same in Mexico, but I've always thought it's kinda gross.

Alexis (US): EW EW EW what if it smells? You just have a bin full of poo-paper there until you change it? Gross.

Will (US): Not crazy but GROSS. Flush that poo away, I mean the bathrooms must smell NASTY!

Ishmael (Canada): This is simply disgusting. You won't touch your food but you leave poopy toilet paper piled up in the bin? What about the smell???

Arianna (US): Um it doesn't sound GREAT? I definitely wouldn't be psyched about emptying that garbage can. But probably good for the sewage system.

Susie (US): Nope, that's pretty common in many countries around the world where the plumbing doesn't deal well with paper.

Chelsea (US): I assume this is for plumming reasons and not wanting to clog the toilet. It's gross with poop but hey, that's better than an overflowing poo toilet.

Monique (US): Yes. I'm sorry. For a nation that seems so hellbent on cleanliness, that's just gross. I feel awful for the person who has to clean that out. What happens when it gets too full and overflows?!?!

Sarah (US): So let me get his straight. You take two baths a day but you throw the poo covered toilet paper in the bin? How do you stand being in the bathroom so much with that stench???

Erin (US): WHOOPS, bad news for your plumbing. When I was in Sao Paulo I even read a sign that said "Please throw paper in the garbage" and I assumed they meant wrappers for tampons/pads because WHERE ELSE would the toilet paper go?!

7. Brazilians have 30 days of paid vacation leave and more than 10 days of national holidays a year. Tell me how you feel about that.

Chris (US): [through clenched teeth] I'm happy for them....


Arianna (US): That's living.


Driadonna (US): I think I should move.

Chelsea (US):Wait so they get 40 days off? GET IT TOGETHER, U.S..

Monique (US): I've been living in the wrong country, my friend.

Sarah (US): I get half of that. Does BuzzFeed Brazil get 30 days?!?!?!

8. Avocado is eaten as a fruit in Brazil. With sugar and all. WTF???

Chris (US): Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm a big avocado fan but I THINK I don't get behind this one. I think...

José Luis H. (Mexico): Yeah avocado smoothies rock.

Alexis (US): I trust you, but that sounds nasty. Avocado with honey mustard is how it's done.

Ishmael (Canada): GTFO. Avocado is only meant to be used in guacamole.

Arianna (US): Sure! Sure. Who am I to say no. Sugar makes everything wonderful.

Susie (US): WTF indeed.

Driadonna (US): Now that's just gross.

Sarah (US): This is sad.

Erin (US): I saw how much sugar you put in your tiny coffees and I'm not surprised.

9. If a Brazilian is throwing a party and tells people to arrive at 9 PM, they'll arrive at least 2 or 3 hours later. And everyone thinks that's perfectly normal, including the party host. How does that sound to you?

Chris (US): Ultra fashionable.

José Luis H. (Mexico): No one wants to be the awkward first guest at the party.

Alexis (US): Puerto Ricans do the same thing, so I'm used to that.

Ishmael (Canada): Surprise parties must be very hard to organize in Brazil.

Arianna (US): Why not just say it starts at the real time? I get being a little late but that seems a little out of control.

Susie (US): So say you wanna game the system and you invite people for 6PM. Do they come at 9? Or do you add even more time to early invitations?

Monique (US): I do that all the time. Isn't that how it works in America? I don't understand the question.

Erin (US): If I threw a party and no one showed up for three hours I would probably cry, leave my house, and go get drunk at a bar.

10. Brazilians often finish texts and emails with "kisses" or "hugs", even when talking to people they've never met in person. Is that OK with you?

Chris (US): Oh that's okay with me ;) XOXO

Alexis (US): Ew no. I don't like that. Don't touch me, even virtually, until we're friends.

Will (US): Would not do that.

Elaina (US): One of my favorite emojis is 😘, so yes, that is totally okay with me.

Ishmael (Canada): I feel like this sets up an unrealistic expectation that you will want to kiss that person when you actually meet them in person.

Arianna (US): I think it's cute. Even professional contacts? Sure, why not. Well, ok, hugs, not kisses.

Monique (US): Yeah, well when a nation is as sexy as Brazil anyone can hug or kiss me anytime.

Sarah (US): No. Stop.

Erin (US): Again, it seems very nice and friendly. Like your entire country is one big family. I like it!

Any final thoughts?


José Luis H. (Mexico): Y'all need Jesus.

Alexis (US): Brazilians seem like very clean people in every single way EXCEPT hanging out with a box full of poo every time they sit on the toilet. It's crazy that with all your other scrubbing-up habits, that seems normal to you.

Will (US): Some of these things seem similar to other cultures that are in warm weather areas! Fun to read.

Elaina (US): Seriously, who was that man and is he like a famous soccer player that all the Brazilians will tilt their head back and laugh at me if I ask about him?

Ishmael (Canada): Brazil is a cool-ass country but you need to smarten up about the toilet paper thing. For real, that's super gross.

Arianna (US): Brazil sounds great!!

Driadonna (US): Brazilians seem very clean, aside from putting used toilet tissue in the garbage instead of the toilet.

Monique (US): Aside from the toilet paper thing, Brazilians prove that everyone else is a heathen who could use a healthy dose of civility. Also they are very attractive. Basically Brazil wins at life.

Erin (US): I think the U.S. has to step its game up! You've got some good ideas. But please please please put your hands on a burger. Life is too short.

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