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    15 Sinks Full Of Dirty Dishes That You Can Wash Over The Internet

    This is the weirdest and most satisfying thing you'll do all day.

    1. See these dirty dishes?

    They're all yours!!!

    2. Who left this food on their plate?

    Who cares?

    3. This one is a nice, light load...

    Done. Just like that.

    4. Looks impossible, right?


    5. This is a complete mess. Look at all those pots and pans to scrub! This would take all day to wash.

    Or it could just take a second.

    6. The worst part of a good meal is cleaning up after.

    Except when it's this easy.

    7. This is a damned war zone!

    Ahh! That's better.

    8. I see you had some company over...

    Nothing to worry about.

    9. This is going to take some courage.

    But we know you can do it.

    10. Want to feel a sense of peaceful calm?

    Just click the button below.

    11. A sink full of dirty dishes is the worst!

    But there's nothing better than a clean sink.

    12. Sometimes you just don't have it in you to clean an entire kitchen's worth of dirty dishes.

    And sometimes you don't have to!

    13. Oops! Look like the sink from #4 is full again.

    And once again, it's empty and clean. How nice.

    14. No! Just pretend you didn't see it.

    And then just come back once it's spotless.

    15. And of course, we save the worst for last.


    This post was translated from Portuguese.