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It's About Time We Admit That Burger King Is Better Than McDonald's

Flame-broiled, smoky-tasting meat versus meat with no taste at all.

Let's start at the start: The most important part of any hamburger is the MEAT, right?

So why is it then that the meat used by McDonald's, the most famous hamburger chain in the world, DOESN'T TASTE LIKE ANYTHING?!

Burger King meat, in addition to ACTUALLY TASTING LIKE SOMETHING, has that nice, smoky taste.

The Whopper comes in a humble paper wrapper, which really cuts down on waste.

Big Mac? WHAT A JOKE!!! Who would call this big? An ant?

Now this thing here? This, my friends, is f#$!ing BIG.

On to sides. Let's just say this: McDonald's doesn't have ONION RINGS. Burger King does.

McDonald's burgers are dry. Burger King's are JUICY.

Sure, Burger King has made a few mistakes. But nobody is perfect.

But, at the end of the day, Burger King puts McDonald's TO SHAME.

And anyone who disagrees is lying to you, and lying to themselves.