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28 Mean Girls Quotes For Everyday Life Struggles

It's October 3rd.

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1. For when you're wondering where you stand in the world.

2. For when you get a little behind on your daily Bible study.

3. For when you're wondering how abstinence actually works.

4. For when your mom asks you about that one friend you haven't talked to in ages.

5. For when your sixth sense finally starts to show itself in the form of ESPN.

6. For you put that ESPN to the test and you're pretty sure it's working well.

7. For when someone is disrespecting your fertility vase and you being to question their morals.

8. For when you see someone struggling during breakfast and want to lend a helping hand.

9. For when you want to put those effective parenting skills to practical use.

10. For when the turmoils of the world are starting to get to you.

11. For when your kid wants to throw a sweet sixteen, but you're like, not invited.

12. For when you're wondering why your professor assigned homework over Thanksgiving break.

13. For when your period hits you and life just gets a little too much.

14. For when your friend gets a little too excited at Bath & Body Works.

15. For when someone asks how many times a week you eat pizza.

16. For when the haters try to hate and you're just trying to shake.

17. For when 16 year old you finally gets your driver's license and you and the gang are trying to turn up.

18. For when your friend Karen says something insensitively stupid.

19. For when you've had a long week and the only answer to this question you're taking is yes.

20. For when you've found just the right moment to show off everything you learned about feminism that one Women's Studies course.

21. For when you finally get truly educated about feminism and the spirit of uplifting each other.

22. For when the substitute teacher tries to make you do work in class and you have to put them back in their place.

23. For when you're feeling yourself and you don't understand why everyone else isn't.

24. For when your friends are telling you you're too drunk to stay out but you're gonna do you anyways.

25. For when something is so overwhelmingly cool and great that you accidentally word vomit a new saying into existence.

26. For when your friends want to go out and you're just trying to attend a Netflix and chill party of 1.

27. When your dog keeps nudging you and you're just trying to chill.

28. For when your crush asks you what day it is and it's October 3rd.

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