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    23 Times Anna Kendrick Was The Coolest Person On Instagram

    She's basically president of the cool kids club.

    1. The time she sat on the sidewalk and was literally the coolest kid on the block.

    2. The time she bundled up in this "blanket cape" in honor of fashion week.

    3. When she and BFF Aubrey Plaza unleashed all of their pent-up teenage angst.

    4. The time she snapped this pic of Zac Efron snapping a pic of her to create #photoception.

    5. The time she rode off on a four-wheeler into the Hawaiian horizon.

    6. When she climbed this palm tree because she's cuckoo for coconuts.

    7. The time she appreciated nature and showcased this funky looking sea urchin.

    8. And the time she and Brittany Snow so fondly shared an umbrella.

    9. When she channeled her inner Indiana Jones while supporting Red Nose Day.

    10. The time she posed as Snoop Dogg's bodyguard and was actually kind of intimidating.

    11. The time she fashionably posed by this Vespa and made you want to go on your own Spanish adventure.

    12. When she rocked this dubsmash like nobody's business.

    13. And when she uploaded this super trippy mirror pic.

    14. The time she slayed your faves on the Oscars red carpet.

    15. Any time she graced a talk show with her presence.

    16. The time she landed the front cover of Nylon, officially becoming the world's coolest kid in school.

    17. The time she showcased gender inequality in the workplace while also praising her mom.

    18. The time she met Brendon Urie and panicked! in the dressing room.

    19. When she let us know just how into Game of Thrones she is.

    20. And when she put her label maker to excellent use.

    21. The time she let us in on the glamour of movie set trailer life.

    22. The time she met the Queen.

    23. And the time she met President Obama and obviously cracked a hilarious joke.

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