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21 Times Willow Smith's Instagram Was Seriously Mesermizing

*Mystic managed*

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1. When she channeled her inner Einstein.

2. When was an ethereal desert goddess.

3. When she showed us what the world would be like if water came from a different universe.

4. When she found peace in this tree.

5. When she showcased her thermal energies.

6. When all she did was lay down and you were still entranced.

7. That time she and friends were all smiles while chasing waterfalls.

8. That time she shared this selfie inception.

9. That time she brought the galaxy to life.

10. When her gaze into this car was both friendly and full of mystery.

11. When we realized blue may be her true aura.

12. That time she and Lily-Rose Depp linked up to become tasteful art.

13. Anytime she performs and shares her soul.

14. When she braided Zoƫ Kravitz's hair in this purple haze.

15. When she captured brother Jaden in his glow stick crown glory.

16. When posted this picture to remind us to be thankful for each day.

17. When we realized greenery was basically part of her DNA.

18. When she and the crew had some chill rooftop hangs...

19. And when they expressed themselves.

20. When she took us back to the beginning of it all with mama Jada.

21. And when she was one with the sky.
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