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    21 Reasons Cole Sprouse Is Actually The King Of Twitter

    We're not at the Tipton anymore.

    1. He truly understands the struggle.

    at your local party like "yo where are your pets?"

    2. Like, he REALLY understands it.

    When you rush to check the new text, filled with hope, only to see that it was grubhub reminding you how much chicken you just ordered solo.

    3. He knows exactly what he wants...

    If you whisper to me sweetly: "look at this picture of this fucken cat~" #IllBePuddyInYourHands

    ...and he's not afraid to let the world know.

    YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!?! how about #MyOwnGoddamnBirthday. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT THAT? #CAPS #birthday

    4. His #MCE totally knew how to rock a top hat and beard.

    More like Babe Lincoln because honest Abe is bae every day. #KnowWhatIMean #9AM

    5. He's not ashamed of his foray into the World Wide Web.

    If only we were all known by our first email addresses. #IAmGodzillaFreak911

    6. He's just as concerned as you about the state of romance in the 21st century.

    Sittin next to guy flickin right on tinder so fast it was like he was searching for a word in a dictionary. #TheWordWasLove

    7. He knows how to give us beautiful portraits with a brief history lesson thrown in.

    A rock! Pioneers used to drive these babies for miles!

    8. He understands true artistry and all that it entails.

    Danimals helps digestion- I sold poop meds to kids.

    9. He never forgot his roots.

    You really have know idea how much @dylansprouse and I miss you. @ThePhillLewis

    10. He's an expert on giving great and practical advice...

    Accidentally calling your professor dad is a great way to make friends in any university classroom. #EspeciallyPsych101 these great relationship tips...

    The key to a good relationship is two separate desserts. #WeCool but #IDontWannaShare

    Show a guy you're interested by kicking him in the nuts. Guys love a little #PlayfulFlirting

    11. He's basically a fitness guru.

    Surround yourself with friends that have strange laughs, this is the quickest way to get #RockHardAbs

    12. He even shared his secret about the best hair cut to land a job.

    13. He's all about self-empowerment...

    Idolizing someone is not respect. It's placing that person above yourself. That's no way to surpass their level of success. #UDaBes #UBetter

    ...and not letting others drag you down.

    If people think you're stupid because you're the class clown, don't forget- to make people laugh takes intelligence and social awareness.

    14. And his pun game is hella strong.

    Goin snowboarding in my Obama outfit. Call me the Obaminable Snowman. #MammothMountain

    You're legally required to eat your veggies, it's Cole's Law.

    "My wife left me, she said I was a cold spouse." #MeIn20years

    15. He is up-to-date on current grammatical woes.

    I think we need this type of punctuation-A question comma, a quoma. Ex: What am I to you (quoma) chopped liver?

    16. He's not afraid to point out his flaws...

    My mustache is right on par with grandmas that just don't care anymore.

    17. ...or the strengths of others.

    #Facebook's facial recognition software is becoming too advanced. It can tell my brother and I apart in our old photos better than we can.

    18. He's always open to taking things to the extreme...

    Kylie Jenner challenge? That's for babies, step up to the cole sprouse challenge.

    ...but he gets the fact that some people aren't ready for such a commitment.

    Clothing tattoo sleeves are great if you don't want to make the life-long choice to be #radical

    19. He's there to keep you updated about what truly goes on at Starbucks.

    "Finally finished the screenplay I've been working on at the local Starbucks."-nobody ever

    20. He's always been super supportive of his brother.

    .@dylansprouse so glad that you managed to find your virginity again, even after you lost it.

    21. And finally, he really knows how to pull a legendary prank.

    In reality there is no Dylan Sprouse, I've tricked you all. I am Cole, Dylan, Zack, and Cody. My grand twin prank. #TrickedTheFedsToo