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16 Times AnnaSophia Robb Was The Most Adorable Person On Instagram

She's totes presh.

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1. When she hit us with this #tbt of her high school ID and you wondered how someone could make a scrunchie and those glasses look so good.

2. When she and her BFF celebrated their mountain climbing success with this leap of joy.

3. That time she and her Papa Joe enjoyed a quality swing and loved every moment of it.

4. When she couldn't look any more adorbs while sporting sparkly Minnie Mouse ears.

5. That time she volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and proved to everyone she's a power tool pro.

6. When she and a friend toasted while ~hanging~ around the stockades.

7. When she perfectly emulated her dog who is just as cheek-pinch worthy.

8. Better yet, when she made this dubsmash and her eyebrow game was Cara Delevingne strong.

9. That time she showed her hometown some serious love.

10. When she somehow managed to charm and slay at the same time.

11. That time she was in the ER and she and her mama STILL managed to be so endearing.

12. The day she hula-hooped straight into our hearts.

13. That time she pulled the "Shh!" face and you couldn't even get mad because, I mean, just look at that face.

14. When she reunited with on-screen sister, Stefania Owen, and you got all the feels 'cause sisterly love is the best love.

15. When she so effortlessly balanced a pineapple on her head.

16. And when she snapped this pic of her and Carrie Diaries co-star Austin Butler and you couldn't help but smile.

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