The Best Olympic Deep V’s

Evgeni Plushenko may have had to drop out of the Olympics, but his Deep V was stunningggg. What could be sexier than an Olympic athlete’s body paired with a Deep V?

1. When it comes to the Olympics, no one does the Deep V better than male ice skaters. But not all Deep V’s are created equal.

Check out this frilly V. Not too shabby, and that pleading look? Yes please.

2. Simon Shnapir showed off his V with US partner Marissa Castelli.

Look at that luscious, flowing chest hair blowing in the wind. Such a sex bomb.

3. This blue V is stunning. The flow, the majestic spin…priceless.

Who wouldn’t get this emotional over such a classic V?

4. US skater Jason Brown’s ponytail may have stolen the show, but his outfit wasn’t too shabby either.

A Deep V and lacing? I do declare, my heart is aflutter.

5. Jeremy Abbott was a bit more understated, but still looking fine.

The American opted for a Little V rather than the plunging necklines of some scandalous skaters.

6. And look at the medal winners! They couldn’t have done it without their fabulous V’s.

Never have I ever seen so many sparkly, sexy V’s all in one place.

7. Let’s take a closer look at these champs. Patrick Chan won silver.

I want to jump down the front of his shirt and cuddle there like a baby kangaroo.

8. Yuzuru Hanyu took the gold with a non-traditional V design.

He opted for a Side V that trailed all the way down his arm. So spicy, so fierce - it must be why he won gold.

9. Denis Ten got the bronze, and his Deep V was a bit conservative in comparison with the other men on the podium.

A sleek tie really draws your eye to the V, which in turn points you down towards…well, something else eye catching.

10. What a dashing blue and white V shown by Evgeni Krasnopolski!

You can storm my castle any day Evgeni, provided you’re wearing that flowing Deep V ensemble.

11. But no one can deny the reigning champion of the Deep V is none other than Evgeni Plushenko.

Despite pulling out of the Olympics because of an injury, he has always loved the Deep V. Check out this extra-wide, extra steamy V from back in the day.

12. In Vancouver, he went for a more subtle V.

Plushenko went for a more conservative V here, but the bling adds extra style and sass to the outfit.

13. But Sochi was where his Deep V was at its best.

A Deep V all the way to his hip? Ladies, prepare yourselves and grab on to your panties. No man will every stand up to a majestic creature such as this. Swoon.

14. We love you and your Deep V, Plushenko. Keep doing you.

And keep influencing the fabulous Deep V fashion of men’s Olympic skating!

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