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    15 Benefits Of Being A Tall Girl

    With all these "tall girl problems", I think it's time we remind everyone why being tall is awesome.

    1. It makes you a badass.

    2. You always have a great view at concerts and in movie theaters.

    3. No one can steal your shoes, or else they'll look like this.

    4. Because of your height, you can get away with eating a lot more than other people.

    5. You get to call dibs on tall guys.

    6. You never need to ask for help getting things down from high shelves.

    7. Even if you weren't good at sports, you were probably still put on the team.

    8. If you were into sports, your height was a HUGE advantage.

    9. And even if you never played a sport in your life, people always assume you were amazing at a glamorous sport like volleyball.

    10. You can rock the latest fashion trends.

    11. You have lovely, long legs.

    12. You are NEVER obligated to wear heels.

    13. So you suffer injuries like this way less often.

    14. But when you do wear heels, you feel like a model.

    15. And let's be honest, tall is just plain sexy.