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Re: BuzzFeed Application: Vintage Beyonce Looks That She Needs To Bring Back

Although I love me some lemonade, there is something about some old school Beyonce that just gets it right.

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Say My Name Beyonce

Columbia Records / Destiny's Child / Via

Bring back the crimped hair and the half braids from the Destiny's Child "Say My Name" music video because Beyonce is serving up some hood chic and it just looks hot.

Mean Girls Beyonce

Columbia Records / Destiny's Child / Via

All three girls rocked very short and very hot Regina George-esque skirts in the video for Soldier. Also featured: a very beautiful and pregnant Solange.

Fedora Beyonce

Columbia Records / Destiny's Child / Via

Destiny's Child always rocked matching mini ensembles and they were always just so incredibly....incredible. Beyonce is the only person on this planet to be able to pull off a fedora. More please!

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